Month: June 2017

What does a Firefighter do?

A firefighter, also known as a fireman, is a highly skilled man or woman who works to combat and extinguish fires. They also take steps to prevent fires, act as emergency medical technicians (EMT) and investigate the causes of fires. A firefighter is almost always the first official “on the scene” of fires, car accidents, or other emergencies, which is why they are also sometimes called “first responders.”

“Firemen, often referred to as firefighters, do a lot more than extinguish fires. Read on and you’ll learn more about the many ways firemen help and educate the public. Schools offering Fire Science degrees can also be found in these popular choices.” Read more here

What does a Firefighter do and how to become a Firefighter?

Those who fight fires are trained to do their job anywhere – from forests to rural areas to urban high-rises. Firefighters work first and foremost to protect lives, and then they turn their attention to protecting property. Some firefighters choose to work their way up the ladder, so to speak, starting with volunteer work at their local firehouse, coupled with their high school diploma.

“As a part of helping to protect people and places, firefighters also usually have responsibilities such as providing emergency medical care at the sight of an incident, rescuing people from burning buildings or other dangerous situations, and educating the public about fire safety. Firefighters also spend time repairing and maintaining their equipment, and learning new things to help them continually improve their skills.” Read more here

Fortunately for you, we have done all the research to help you make this decision. This article shall inform you about the job description of a firefighter and what they do daily. Read more here what does a firefighter do?